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"Fireplace Cleaning and Repair....
....Orlando Areas best..."

Aabrams Chimney cleaning and repair.

Who should get their fireplace (chimney) cleaned?

Anybody who owns a chimney.

Soot and creosote begins to build up in your chimney as soon as you have your first fire in your fireplace. The fire creates soot and also creosote in the fireplace.

When creosote builds up it gets dangerous because it can catch fire itself INSIDE your chimney. That’s the stuff left over when soot and smoke gases condense. It’s also flammable and has been the cause of many chimney fires all over the country EACH year.

All this can easily be avoided by a quick and thorough inspection and cleaning once every two years by AabramsChimneys.com

Creosote is a flammable substance that can build up on the walls of your fireplace and chimney. Creosote or soot buildup can potentially result in a chimney fire. 


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